An avid reader and the daughter of an English teacher, Beth Marshall learned to appreciate the power of the written word early in life, and proudly shares her “eagle eye” talents to spot typos and grammatical mayhem wherever she goes!

Beth is a transformational trainer, coach, author, and speaker who is inspired to serve self-motivated and high-energy professionals and entrepreneurs to heal and transform their relationships with money to create freedom, choice, and peace in their lives.  She is the creator of The Financial Healing CycleTM and the CEO and owner of Financially Authentic.

As a CPA, an MBA, an entrepreneur, and a Certified Money Breakthrough Method Coach, Beth offers a uniquely-blended practical and spiritual approach to finances that is action-oriented, non-judgmental, and compassionate. As a Spiritual Financial Mentor, her overall mission is to support people in shifting their financial mindset so that they can then unlock and unleash their power and create a fully self-expressed and abundant life.

Outside of her professional work, Beth has been on her own personal journey of transformation since 2008 when she left her 11-year executive career behind and through her spiritual awakening began reclaiming her life and her purpose as a powerful, spiritual, and intuitive leader. 

Beth is an alumnus of both Boston College and Bentley University, is a personal development enthusiast, and enjoys Pilates and spending time with her amazing nephews, family, and friends.