Your Writing Is As Strong (or Weak) As the Intention Behind It

By Deb Coman

Our writing needs purpose and intention. The words we create on the page or computer screen originate as thoughts. These thoughts, in their purest form, are tied to some reasoning. Why are we writing? Who do we hope to reach? What do we want them to do after they read?

Without clarity around our purpose, the words just hang out on the page and, no matter how pretty they are, the only action they’ll evoke is to be read.

Certainly, we want our writing to be read, but we also want it to live beyond the page. We want to call people to do something, even if only in their minds - to feel a certain way, remember something, be inspired.

Our vision, purpose, and overall "Big WHY" comes into play every time we write. It’s the driving force behind all that we do, and why we are who we are. Each time we write a specific social media post, blog article, or book, we want to also clarify the purpose for this unique piece. It will be somewhat based on our Big WHY, but also honed in on our reason for writing today:

  • To inspire

  • To inform

  • To demonstrate

  • To support

  • To entertain

  • ... and the list goes on.

Whatever the purpose of your writing, it’s important to define it and get clear on your intent and purpose. That way, your message and your writing are clear enough to carry that original thought into action by your readers.

DEB COMAN, a member of The Heart of Writing Team, is a communication strategist, writer, and editor who helps authors, entrepreneurs, business coaches, and energy healers Get Clear, Get Noticed, and Get Paid! To learn more about Deb and her broad range of communication strategy services, visit Deb's personal Team page or