What a Moonbeam Taught Me About Communication

I thought, for a long time, that I had communication locked down.

I was an editor, after all. I knew lots of fancy words, and could make any sentence look pretty, no matter what the subject. My writing was described as "intelligent" and "articulate." 

I was a firm believer that words were the most important element of communication. I thought that, if I could just get the words right, everyone would understand and connect with me and my message. 

Sound familiar? I think many of us write like this. But it turns out that writing and really, deeply communicating are not always the same thing. 

Communication - and all of life, really - isn't just about what's on the surface. It's about the energy, intentions, and emotions that live beneath the veneer of our words. 

Really great communicators know this, and probably always have. But infusing my words with emotion and and intention felt sickeningly vulnerable to me. It took a long time and a lot of practice before I became comfortable letting my heart shine through my words, both on the page and in spoken conversation. Slowly, with the help of an powerful circle of women and my amazing hubby, I began to break out of my shell. 

Then, I became a mother.

Suddenly, authentic communication became more than an asset in my work.If I wanted to connect with my little Moonbeam on every level - if I didn't want the words I said to her to be "surface words," but instead wanted her to feel what I said on a soul-deep level - I had to really match my heart to my words, and my words to my heart. 

The word "communication" is directly related to "commune" and "community." When we truly communicate with someone, we build an intimate relationship, a two-way energy channel that transmits more than just a combination of letters or sounds. This builds trust, empathy, and most of all, community.

When we choose words that not only make a good first impression, but fully convey our hearts' messages, we move beyond writing or speaking, and into something deeper. 

As writers, we have a sacred trust to fulfill. The words we put out into the world, whether we know it or not, carry the energy of our hearts and our intentions. If we're willing to be vulnerable, and reveal ourselves through our communications, we can create the kinds of connections we've been longing for. 

What does communication mean to you? I'd love to know!

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