On Vulnerability and The Art of Inspiration

The Art of Inspiration launches in just five days, and I'm fully immersed in the behind-the-scenes preparatory work!

So, in five days, you'll get to hold in your hands a big chunk of my work in the world. I've infused every word with my intentions for your success as a writer, teacher, and visionary leader. This book is my gift to you; my way of thanking you for being who you are.

I've participated in a number of book launches before alongside my publisher Linda Joy, but I'll admit, it feels strange and vulnerable to be doing this for myself! However uncomfortable it is to be "out there," though, I'm committed to stepping beyond my fear of being seen, and putting this book forward as a resource to everyone who will benefit from it.


What Publishing This Book Really Means to Me

For years, I've been the wizard behind the curtain; the backstage manager, dedicating my time and energy to serving others as they unfold their great performances on the printed page. This is a huge part of my mission, and I absolutely adore the work that I do.

But it isn't all that I am. 

For a long time, my work as an editor had a dark side: it was a shadow I could comfortably hide in, the curtain I could draw when I was feeling scared. Keeping busy serving others gave me an easy excuse to prioritize others' needs over my own, and a sneaky way of dimming my light when its brilliance makes my knees weak with terror. 

And so, for years, I took on too many projects, and told myself that there just wasn't enough time to work on my own writing. "I work with words all day," I would say. "The last thing I want to do in my free time is more writing!"

But you see, I did want to write, more than anything. I just didn't value myself enough to prioritize my own creation process. Tiredness and lack of time were lame excuses: when I tap into the endless reservoir of my creative power, I receive all the energy I need. 

When I finally committed to writing this book, I took the bull by the horns, and faced my fears of being seen head-on.

I stepped past the lingering fear that I still don't have the know-how or experience to be a great writing teacher, because even if I had ten degrees and a hundred best-sellers under my belt, I would probably still feel that way.

I stepped past the fear that no one will care what I have to say, because the hundreds of love notes I've received from authors over the years prove that people do care - and deeply. 

And finally, I've stepped past the fear of not having enough time and energy to serve my own goals and dreams as well as those of my friends and clients. In fact, as I dip my toes in these strange waters, I'm discovering that the hotter my own creative fire burns, the more powerfully I can illuminate the writers whose work I believe in. 

As Brené Brown wrote in her book,  Daring Greatly: How the Courage to Be Vulnerable Transforms the Way We Live, Love, Parent, and Lead: “The willingness to show up changes us, It makes us a little braver each time.” 

I'm showing up, friends, and finally taking center stage. I hope you'll join me there! 

The Art of Inspiration: An Editor's Guide to Writing Powerful, Effective Inspirational and Personal Development Books is now available on Amazon.com! 

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