Life, Love, and Liberty: Declaring Independence from Creative Oppression

It's Independence Day!


On this day, history tells us, the American colonies declared independence from Britain, and took a stand against a government that did not accurately or adequately represent their beliefs, ideals, and needs. That declaration changed the face of the world. 

As individuals, we may also be governed by forces outside of ourselves - forces which do not represent our true desires, needs, and goals. Constrictive societal "norms," inherited beliefs, and fear-based judgments are all examples of potential oppressors. Part of the process of "waking up" into a higher state of consciousness is to identify these outside sources of governance and evaluate whether or not they actually represent and support the people we want to become. 

As creative people, these oppressive beliefs perhaps touch us more than most. We are constantly bombarded with statements like, "You can't make money as an artist," or "Get a day job." More, we are told that, if our work fails to garner mass approval, we have somehow failed in our creation. Because of this sense of constant, looming judgment, we often become our own worst critics, constantly policing our creative output for signs of weakness or imperfection. 

The issue with this isn't only that fear of judgment restricts our ability and desire to create - although it can be devastating. It's that, when we allow our creative spirits to be governed by the exterior forces of other people's opinions and expectations, we are subjecting ourselves to a spiritual form of "taxation without representation." 

In this equation, our decisions about and experiences with our own creativity are governed by these outside forces, but the most vital parts of ourselves - our souls, creative spirits, and divine gifts - are not allowed a proportional voice and vote. Instead, they are subjugated by exterior pressures, and forced to conform to standards that reduce, rather than enhance, their beauty, power, and potency. 

So, on this day, let us collectively declare independence from any ideals, judgments, or expectations that do not represent, honor, and enhance our creative gifts and divine purpose on this Earth. 

Be your colorful, creative self!

Be your colorful, creative self!

Let us declare independence from any and all inherited beliefs and conditioning which keep us playing small or avoiding the pursuit of our true calling. 

Let us declare independence from any forces in our lives which make us feel unworthy, unloved, or unseen. 

And, most of all, let us declare independence from any ways of being which limit our ability to manifest the true potential of our creative and spiritual energy. 

Happy Independence Day, HeartWriters! May this be a day of love, life, and liberty for you! 


Bryna Rene Haynes is the founder and President of The Heart of Writing, the chief editor for Inspired Living Publishing, and the best-selling author of The Art of Inspiration: An Editor's Guide to Writing Powerful, Effective Inspirational and Personal Development Books.In over a decade as a writer, editor, ghostwriter, designer, and publishing consultant, she has helped hundreds of authors find their authentic voices and create powerful, memorable, successful works. She lives outside of Providence, RI, with her husband, Matthew, and their little Moonbeam, Áine.