Gratitiude, Grace, and the Art of Collaboration

Inspiration for a Woman's Soul: Opening to Gratitude & Grace is the fifth collaborative book I've edited for Linda Joy and Inspired Living Publishing, and the process never gets old. I love connecting with the authors on an individual level, and helping them bring their most powerful stories into being. (Below are the 38 lovelies who contributed to this book!) 

One of the coolest things about a collaborative book is that it brings together the energies, talents, and experiences of multiple authors. Everyone brings their own unique viewpoint to the same general topic, and so we see multiple incarnations of elusive concepts (like gratitude and grace, for example) displayed through story. If done with intention and care, this can make for a super-powered reading experience. 

Inspiration for a Woman's Soul: Opening to Gratitude & Grace reveals the presence of grace in every one of the authors' lives. As I worked on these stories, I reflected on my own life and experiences, and saw some hard truths that had been eluding me for a long time, especially with regard to my work (which is where most of my creative energy goes). Seeing grace from so many angles, I understood more deeply than ever before where I block the presence of grace in my life, and where a greater expression of gratitude could accomplish what even weeks of hard work failed to do. 

Thank you, G&G ladies, for allowing me to share in your unfolding, and steer the ship of this book. Your stories do make a difference - even before they're printed on the page! This project is the art of collaboration at its best: a cohesive effort to uplift all parties involved, and use that commingled energy to rock the world! 

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~ Bryna


Bryna Rene Haynes is the founder and President of The Heart of Writing, the chief editor for Inspired Living Publishing, and the best-selling author of The Art of Inspiration: An Editor's Guide to Writing Powerful, Effective Inspirational and Personal Development Books.In over a decade as a writer, editor, ghostwriter, designer, and publishing consultant, she has helped hundreds of authors find their authentic voices and create powerful, memorable, successful works. She lives outside of Providence, RI, with her husband, Matthew, and their little Moonbeam, Áine.