What's in The Inspired Writer's Toolkit?

What's in the toolkit of an inspired writer? 

(Hint: It isn't perfect spelling!)

Inspired writers are those who share from the heart, and tap into all of the resources available to them to fuel their growth on the page and in the world. Inspired writers learn to turn "Impossible" into "I'm possible," and "I can't" into "I can do it." They prioritize questions over opinions, and are always willing to look at things from a new angle. 

Here are five items that (I believe) are in the toolkits of all inspired writers. How do these attributes show up in your world? 


Tool #1: A clear purpose

Why do you write? What are your goals? What do you want to communicate to others through your words?

If you can clearly identify your purpose and vision for each piece you write, you will greatly increase your clarity and focus on the page - and, consequently, your ability to inspire your readers. 


Tool #2: A Strong Message

There’s a message at the heart of every piece you write―but beyond that, there’s a message in your heart. If you’re writing in any format, you probably have a burning desire to share some vital piece of information, emotion, instruction, or experience with your community.

When you show up as an inspired writer, your message will infuse every piece you write, in one way or another. It will provide consistency to all of your work, and extend an emotional and energetic hand to your ideal readers.


Tool #3: A willingness to learn

“Writer” isn’t a destination. There’s no starting point, and no finish line. There’s only a learning curve (well, actually, several learning curves) which we all enter at different points. 

Many people tell themselves incorrect stories about “being a writer." They believe that, in order to write, they need to know how to spell, or have a baseline knowledge of proper grammar, or be a storyteller worthy of master bard status.

The truth is, we all need lots of practice before our writing flows the way we want it to. Yes, knowledge of grammar and paragraph structure will help you as a writer, but you don’t need those skills to start sharing your words. (Spell check, solid references, and a good editor can work wonders on any piece!) 

When we approach writing with an open heart, the information we need to grow our skills will find us. The question is not, “Do I know this?” but “Am I willing to learn?”

There is no skill you cannot learn, and no learning curve too steep for you to surmount, as long as you are willing to try!


Tool #4: A trusted pal (or three)

Feedback is so important to inspired writers that I devoted an entire chapter to it in my best-selling book, The Art of InspirationGet your copy of this start-to-finish book creation guide here!  

Writing may feel like a solitary act, but in fact it’s a community endeavor.

Unless we’re journaling for our own personal growth purposes, we are writing for an audience. However, it’s often hard to put ourselves in the shoes of our readers, especially when we’re very close to the material. That’s why beta readers are so important.

Solid, objective feedback is one of the best tools for our growth as writers. When we practice our writing in a vacuum, we can miss learning points and vital improvements simply because we don’t know what to look for or what questions to ask. Constructive feedback can open new doors of understanding and skyrocket us up the learning curve.


And finally,

Tool #5: A willingness to be vulnerable

Some writers hide behind their words, or create a “writing persona” that they believe serves their audience and their work. But truly inspiring writers write from the heart, and share―directly or indirectly―the deepest essence of themselves on the page.

Now, I’m not saying you need to pour out your darkest secrets in every blog post. But if you really want to connect with your readers and inspire them with your core message, commit to letting your passion, purpose, and authentic self shine through your words. Readers can feel passion on the page.

Vulnerability isn’t a one-time choice; it’s an evolving practice. As we work on our own personal growth and understand ourselves more deeply, we can apply those insights to our writing practice. The more we let our light shine in our daily lives, the more easily it will translate to the page!


So, writer, is your toolkit packed and ready to go?

I can’t wait to hear about your journey. Please reach out to me at editor@theheartofwriting.com to share your experiences, ask questions, or just say hello. 

Bryna Rene Haynes is the founder and President of The Heart of Writing, the chief editor for Inspired Living Publishing, and the best-selling author of The Art of Inspiration: An Editor's Guide to Writing Powerful, Effective Inspirational and Personal Development Books.In over a decade as a writer, editor, ghostwriter, designer, and publishing consultant, she has helped hundreds of authors find their authentic voices and create powerful, memorable, successful works. She lives outside of Providence, RI, with her husband, Matthew, and their little Moonbeam, Áine.