3 Steps to Successfully Market Your Book

A guest post from marketing expert Suzanne Tregenza Moore, MBA

Being an author in this day and age means wearing many hats. Not only do you have to do the work of writing, self-editing, and navigating your publishing options, you need to know how to market your work and get visible in both the physical and virtual worlds. 

That's why I'm delighted to share this post from marketing expert Suzanne Tregenza Moore, MBA. Suzanne has helped many authors get visible in the online marketplace, and knows a thing or two about how to get your book out there! 

If you haven't written your book yet, don't worry: these tips will serve you in many capacities, including your blog and any online programs you're currently marketing! 

Enjoy, everyone!
- Bryna

3 Steps to Successfully Market Your Book

New or aspiring authors often believe that the writing of the book is the biggest challenge they need to overcome for their work to be a shining success. In truth, the writing is just the beginning!

One of the reasons successful publishing houses exist is that being an excellent writer doesn’t mean you know how to be an excellent book marketer. This article provides three steps you should take to become just that.

Step 1: Understand the Value Your Book Brings to the Marketplace

The reason we buy things is because they solve problems, needs, or desires. Whether you have written a non-fiction book or a novel, before you start marketing it, you must understand and be able to communicate what it will do for the reader.

If your book is non-fiction, perhaps it outlines a struggle people have and how to solve it. Highlight the benefits of reading your book. Who would want to read your book and why? What might he or she be struggling with? What will a reader learn? How will a reader feel after reading it? Why is it important that they read it sooner than later?

If your book is fiction, the reader may be captivated by characters or “escape” via the book. What type of person would enjoy your book most? Why would he or she like it? Will she leave with a new understanding of humanity? Will he enjoy being surprised by the unexpected ending? Will she root for a character and be thrilled by its triumph?

When you are able to articulate what your book does for its reader, all forms of marketing outreach will be more successful. Start by making a list of reasons why someone would want to read your book and what they will get from it.


Step 2: Publish with a Best-Seller Campaign

When publishing your book, running a successful best-seller campaign can be the first step to consistent sales. In addition to understanding and communicating what your audience will get from reading your book, best-seller status will increase its perceived value in the marketplace.

Making your book a best-seller may seem a daunting task, or as though you are over-reaching. However, with planning and support, I believe any author can achieve it by taking the right steps.

It’s best to work with someone who already understands this process as timing, technology, and systems are key to success. (I share several strategies around creating a best seller in a video I’ve named 3 Simple Strategies to Make Your Book a #1 Amazon Best-Sellerwhich you can view here.)

Step 3: Market Consistently

One of the measures of successful marketing is whether or not it is done consistently. And consistency often starts with a plan. My clients who incorporate the following into their book marketing plans see the most success.

  • Reach out to your community regularly. Send emails or drop notes to your community to let them know about book signings, presentations, or special deals on your book. Share on social media about things that might have inspired the book. Provide updates on how writing the book shifted your life, your work, or other experiences. These will keep you and your book at the forefront of people’s minds; where you need to be to achieve more sales.
  • Get interviewed. Find podcasts that appeal to the same audience as your book and see if you can be interviewed on them. Build relationships with local media and find the right time to ask to be interviewed. Being interviewed can come as a result of the content of the book, or because you are a local author, which in itself is noteworthy.
  • Speak. Find places where your book’s audience gathers and see if there are speaking opportunities. These may be easier to garner if you have a best-seller, but are not impossible otherwise. Speaking engagements combined with book-signings can be very lucrative for authors and can provide you direct feedback with responses to your book – extremely valuable if you plan to keep writing.
  • Partner with other authors. Find authors who write for a similar audience and partner with them. Share each other’s books, blog for each other’s blogs, write honest reviews for each other. Helping to increase others’ exposure can be a wonderful way to increase your own.

Make time each day to market your book in one of these ways and you will likely see extremely consistent book sales – exactly what every book marketer dreams of. These ongoing efforts may seem strange at first to a new author, but pretty soon they will become a simple part of your daily routine.

Using these three steps to market your book right from the publishing date can take you from novice writer to well-known author!

Suzanne Tregenza Moore helps authors, coaches, consultants, and healers build their businesses both online and off using her Socialize, Mesmerize & Monetize™ System. Her no-nonsense straight talk, clear, concise direction and technical know-how provide the support her clients need and want to get ‘out of their own way’ and take the actions necessary to get them clients and build their email marketing list. Suzanne has an MBA in Marketing and Entrepreneurship, is a member of the Change Your Attitude…Change Your Life Good Life Team and is a regularly featured expert on New York’s WOR radio station. To learn more about Suzanne, visit www.suzannetmoore.com