Discover Your Truth Through Sacred Soul Journaling

A guest post by Master Soul Coach Laura Clark

I'm happy to share with you today the wisdom of my good friend, Master Soul Coach Laura Clark! 

I've known Laura for several years now, and I love the way in which she integrates the art and practice of writing into her soul growth strategies. If you already have a journaling practice or want to start one, this is a fantastic approach that will bring out the deeper soul growth aspects of your work with paper and pen. 

To learn more about how to access your heart's truth through journaling, be sure to check out Laura's website and free gift, linked below the article. 


Discover Your Truth Through
Sacred Soul Journaling

Your Soul’s Truth is your guide to a passionate life filled with joy and love.

This truth can be uncovered through the power of your soul’s pen and revealed in a special form of journaling I call Sacred Soul Journaling™. Your pen can bring you past the "living in your head" space and take you to a place of peace, discovery and full awareness of the deep meaning your soul has for you. It helps you discover your purpose, ignite passion and allow you to joyfully grow in the direction of your own truth.

An article published in Psychology Today on September 4, 2014, by Steven Stosny, PH.D. states that “journaling can have a negative effect on your behavior and wellbeing if it makes you live in your head, makes you a passive observer of your life or makes you self-obsessed.”

I agree. When you use journaling to only complain about challenging circumstances and people in your life, it can make you a passive observer and an angrier person.

Sacred Soul Journaling™ is different. It’s much more insightful because it accesses not just your surface thoughts, but your inner wisdom, the true GPS for your life. It takes you beyond the negative and allows your soul's truth to come through in loving and compassionate words. You will see your inner wisdom emerging on the page in front of you, understand its meaning on a deeper level, and even learn ways to take courageous action. 

Clarity and peace of mind come from the power of your soul’s pen. The pen is a tool to lead you to understanding from the inner realm of your soul, showing you in greater detail your divine purpose. It brings to you wisdom that the ignites your passion from within. This kind of journaling gives you permission and inspires action to follow your dreams even in those pesky moments of self-doubt.

Sacred Soul Journaling™ allows you to:

  • Become Centered:

    • To vent quickly and release

    • To quiet your chattering mind

    • To soften your emotions

    • To relax and bring clarity

    • To stand tall from within

    • To take a spiritual journey

  • Know thyself

    • To rid yourself of judgment

    • To face your fears

    • To work though challenges

    • To see mistakes and self-correct quickly

    • To be honest with yourself

    • To hear your inner wisdom

  • Create courageous action

    • To catch your dreams and make them real

    • To get out of your own way

    • To establish priorities

    • To give yourself permission to pursue your deepest desires

    • To be bold, create strategies and go forth

    • To be happy and shine

It’s fine to journal in the usual way, but it the clear and decisive action which emerges from Sacred Soul Journaling that allows your joy to blossom. When you find the courage we all have inside of us, you take action that is divinely guided. This approach allows you to take a soul-stance based on your inner truth that is in your highest good. It takes the mind chatter (the doubts and fears) out of your choices. It softens the rough edges of your emotions to help you make decisions based on truth, rather than emotions.


The Sacred Soul Journaling Process

The best place to begin Sacred Soul Journaling™ is to make a five-minute-per-day commitment and dive in. Yes, that’s all you need!  

Set your timer for 3 minutes (it’s a long time, really) and answer the following question: “What is challenging me right now and why?” Allow your negative thoughts to flow and emotions to come forth. When the timer stops, stop writing. Do not keep going. Simply take a deep breath, and release any clinging fear or negativity as best you can.

Then, pick up your pen again, and ask, "What one thing can I learn from this situation?”

What will appear is a soft, positive voice as if your best friend is answering the question. This is your soul’s voice coming forth to help you write your truth and learn what is in your best interest.

As you engage with this practice, be kind to yourself. You are stepping into a deeper realm of understanding, and that takes kindness and patience. If you do this for two weeks, I promise you will get surprising insights that will "de-light" you (shine the light from above upon you), and guide to you inspiring answers. 

This process is an empowering yet simple introduction to a journey that will take you on the adventure of a lifetime - a journey of listening to your own inner GPS, taking enlightened action to move forward. forward, and unravling the often-mysterious friendship with your soul. 

Sought-after Master Soul Coach® Laura Clark empowers individuals to hear their intuition more consistently, understand it more clearly and act upon it courageously to create a life filled with great joy and abundance. As an International best-selling author and engaging speaker, Laura teaches a down to earth, practical approach to integrating spirituality and soul-wise living into your life. Learn more at