Improve Your Writing Mindset

A guest blog by content marketing expert, copywriter, and speaker Deb Coman

The right mindset can improve the quality of our writing. Often, the hardest part of our writing process is getting started. Whether writing an article, book chapter, website copy, or short social media posts, the challenge can be the same: How do we begin? What shall we write about?

Our Initial Mindset

For many of us, writing doesn’t come easy all the time. And, for some, our mindset begins in a place that raises more doubt than hope. Do these thoughts ever run through your mind:

  • I don’t really feel like writing today.
  • I’m not sure I’m such a great writer.
  • I never did well in English in school.
  • I don’t have enough time to write.
  • I have too many other things to do.
  • Maybe I’ll just write more tomorrow.


Getting Back in Touch with Our "Why"

We know we need to write to put our content out into the world. We need to write to create our book. It’s also how we keep in touch with our clients and people that follow us. Writing is how we market and share about our books, programs,  and services. So, why do we let things get in the way and what can we do to change this?

What helps us through this is to remember that our brains are powerful allies when we put them to work alongside us, instead of allowing them to work against us. There are simple strategies we can practice to help writing come more easily. It’s all about our mindset and mindset is something we can manage.

A Mindset Shift

We can make small adjustments with big impact no matter where we start with our internal messages. We can replace the initial messages above with:

  • I do enjoy getting my message out.
  • With practice, I become a better writer.
  • My past in school has no bearing on my present writing.
  • I will make time to write.
  • Writing is important for me.
  • I’ll get started writing, right now.

I don’t mean to imply that you just say some magic words and everything is better and easy. That would be nice but sometimes the business of writing isn't all fountain pens and perfumed parchment paper. We do, however, always have the ability within us to adjust the way we approach it. We can choose to focus on the challenge or we can choose to focus on solutions.  A shift in mindset is the easiest, and often the most effective, place to start.

How to Carry It Forward

To solidify a new, more positive mindset, if you enjoy positive affirmations, create some like the ones above, making them even more your own. You can write them out on index cards and keep them somewhere visible when it’s time to write.

Bring yourself to a more positive place when it comes to your writing. Ground these affirmations more securely by doing some breathing exercises or even meditation before writing if you find these centering activities helpful.

Remember that few great writers were born that way. Writing is like a muscle and the more we use it, the more we develop it, the easier it comes to our aid when we need it.

Our purpose in writing can carry us through the challenging times. It’s the light we are stepping toward with each word we write.

Now, pick up that pen. Open your laptop. Mindset at the ready. Let the words flow.

What mindset strategies do you use to help you with your writing?


Deb Coman is a Content Marketing Strategist, Copywriter, and Speaker. As the founder of, she empowers writers and entrepreneurs to capture and convey their core purpose and message. Using her 7 Steps to Content Marketing Strategy That Converts program, their online (and offline) presence attracts readers, clients, and referral partners. Click here for your free copy of 7 Steps to Content Marketing Strategy That Converts and other free resources.