When a Book Isn't Just a Book

When is a book not just a book? 

When it's a launchpad for your business! 

These days, if you want to make a big splash in your niche, it's crucial to have a well-written, changemaking book. A great book can get you in the door as a speaker or TEDx presenter. It can get you invited to speak on radio, TV, or podcasts. It can add a weighty credential to your already-stellar bio. And, most importantly, it can secure your place in the minds and hearts of your ideal clients.

If you know that you want to write a book to establish yourself as an expert in your niche, you need to start thinking about your book a bit differently. You need to start seeing it not as a separate entity in its own category in your business plan, but rather as a powerhouse business card.

Why? Because while you may very well write the next New York Times bestseller in your niche, chances are far greater that the biggest revenue stream from your book won't actually be book sales. Instead, it will be the workshops, courses, and programs that are suddenly filled to capacity with passionately-devoted new clients ... who found you through your book. 

Think about it. If you wanted to find out more about what someone teaches, how they think about critical issues, or how they create results, chances are you wouldn't pick up the phone and call them, or read every one of their archived blog posts. You probably wouldn't sign up for their highest-level coaching program, either. No, you'd pick up their book! Then, because their book was SO amazing, you'd start googling them. You'd find out when their workshops were happening. You'd look at their retreats, their online courses, and their coaching programs. And you'd proactively figure out a way to get more time with this amazing individual whose book changed your life.

A great book changes your client attraction process like nothing else. Instead of selling people into programs right off the bat, you're offering them an opportunity to spend a ton of quality time with you for only $14.97 (or whatever you're charging for your book). For that negligible investment, they'll get to "hear" your voice on the page. They'll test out your processes. They'll hook into your energy, mission, and approach. And if what you're sharing aligns with what their dreams, goals, and desires, they'll almost certainly be back for more. 

Not bad for one little book, right? 

So, if you think you have to sell 80,000 copies to have a successful book, think again. Because your book is MUCH more than a just a book. 


Bryna Haynes is a word alchemist, book strategist, and the founder and President of The Heart of Writing. She's also the chief editor for Inspired Living Publishing and the best-selling author of the multiple-award-winning book, The Art of Inspiration: An Editor's Guide to Writing Powerful, Effective Inspirational and Personal Development Books. In over a decade as a book coach, editor, ghostwriter, and publishing consultant, she has helped hundreds of authors find their authentic voices and create powerful, memorable, successful works. She lives outside of Providence, RI, with her husband, Matthew, their Moonbeam, Áine, and their Little Star, Aelyn.