Do you have a BIG IDEA for a world-changing book, but no idea how to execute it?

Have you been putting off your dreams of writing because you're struggling with doubt, insecurity, or feelings of overwhelm?

Do you dive into writing projects only to find yourself disorganized, floundering, frustrated, or paralyzed by "writer's block"? 

I know what it feels like, writer. I've been there.

I remember how easy it was to get stuck, feel trapped by "what ifs," or even walk away from projects I passionately wanted to finish because I was confused, frustrated, and afraid of "doing it wrong."

When I was struggling through my creative mire, I didn't have a writing coach. I didn't even have a writing buddy who understood what I was going through. All I had were well-meaning people telling me to "just do it."

As you can imagine, that wasn't very helpful.

What I learned is that magic happens when your actions are informed, inspired, and consciously directed. When you can clearly see where you're going, and have a solid plan for getting there, no challenge is too great to surmount. 

You CAN get the answers to your questions, formulate a plan of action, and reach your biggest writing dreams - and you don't have to do it alone! 

Book Development + Strategy Coaching

Sometimes, you just can't get there on your own. You need someone to guide you, answer your burning questions, give you actionable solutions, and keep you accountable to your greatest vision. In short, you need a coach! 

In the last decade, I've worked with hundreds of authors to design, create, refine, and deliver their world-changing books. I know the struggles that writers face every day; I've faced many of them myself! I want to help you get clear on your intentions, goals, and desires for your writing, and help you achieve every last one of them. 

If you choose to work with me privately, we will use our time together in the way which most benefits you. We'll create a schedule, action plan, and accountability program that helps you reach your writing goals. We'll also look at the deeper layers of your relationship to writing, voice, and creative energy, and work to overcome any blocks or stuck places that are keeping you from your greatest and most powerful expression. 

Here are some of the ways in which I can support you in your writing process:

  • Design and maintain a regular, productive writing practice that suits your lifestyle and goals
  • Gain clarity and laser focus on your book's concept, purpose, and mission
  • Create a detailed outline and writing structure for your book
  • Create a blog-to-book strategy that actually works
  • Identify, connect with, and strengthen your authentic writing voice
  • Break through writer's block and other "stuck" feelings
  • Identify and work to resolve underlying fears around voice, visibility, and authoritative communication
  • Hone your practical writing skills, including grammar, sentence structure, and writing flow



$1997 for a 5-session package
(One 90-minute intensive +
four 60-minute sessions) 

$3697 for a 10-session package
(One 90-minute intensive +
nine 60-minute sessions) 


The world needs your unique voice, perspective, and wisdom.
It's time to get serious about getting your voice, your work, and your message out there! 

Schedule your FREE 20-minute discovery session with me
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