Book Strategy Coaching

Writing a book can be a great step forward for your brand, business, and mission. 

But, sadly, too many people write the wrong book, and an asset that could have been a game-changer instead ends up sitting on the sidelines in their business. Instead of attracting their authors' ideal clients, and providing a foundation for workshops, speaking engagements, online course, and coaching programs, these books actually end up distracting potential clients from the real purpose and mission of their authors' work! 

You want your book to be more than a short-lived lead magnet, or a fun aside you can mention in networking meetings. You want your book to be a gateway to everything that you have to offer as an influencer in your niche.

That's why I offer Book Strategy Coaching as an option for my powerhouse clients. 

During our time together, we will:

  • Identify your goals for writing and what it will take to reach them
  • Clear any internal blocks around writing, visibility, and prioritizing your creative work
  • Identify what "being a writer" actually means to you, and how you can live the dream in your personal reality
  • Create a writing schedule and establish benchmarks for progress 
  • Create practice-based intentions, mantras, and other supportive elements which you can integrate into your daily practices


Intensive strategy session 

$997 for two hours of coaching time plus a half-hour follow-up call and a detailed plan based on our discussion. 

In-depth strategy

 $1,997 for five sessions (one 90-minute initial session plus four 60-minute sessions) plus a detailed written plan for you and your team to follow to maximize your book's potential in your business planning. 

Strategy + Outline 

$2,497 (save $500!) Let me help you create your book from the ground up! This package includes a 3-hour Outlining Intensive to develop your book's core concepts, flow, and reader outcome, plus 5 hours of strategy coaching to help you develop a plan for using your book in your business and build your related assets (like workshops and courses).


If you want to step into your mission and message in a BIG way, and start showing up as a top influencer in your niche, it's time to get serious about getting your voice, and your book, out there! 

Schedule your FREE 20-minute discovery session with me to find out if my Book Strategy Coaching program is right for you!