Bryna Haynes, Founder


Hi, I’m Bryna! I’m a Book Strategist and Creation Coach, Word Alchemist, mama of two, and the founder of The Heart of Writing. I’m also the best-selling author of the multiple-award-winning The Art of Inspiration: An Editor's Guide to Writing Powerful, Effective Inspirational and Personal Development Books

My mission is to empower changemakers, thought leaders, healers, teachers, and enlightened entrepreneurs to start movements, build their businesses, and change the world. I take big, ethereal concepts and channel them into structures and systems (aka, outlines and chapters) that capture my client's biggest visions in a way that's exciting, relatable, and accessible to every reader. In over a decade as a top-level editor, ghostwriter, and book coach, I've worked with over 300 inspired writers to create both single-author and multi-author/collaborative books. My editing and ghostwriting portfolio includes more than 20 #1 national and international best-sellers (and counting). 

Everything you really need to know about me

Where I'm from: Rhode Island. I'm a true New Englander. I've even been known to say "wicked awesome" occasionally. Don't judge. 

Where I live: Rhode Island. This state has a tractor beam. It keeps calling me home. 

Married to: The world's best gondolier, Matthew “Marcello” Haynes.

Mama to: A Moonbeam and a Little Star (aka Aine and Aelyn)

Astrology: Sun in Pisces, Moon and Mercury in Gemini, Venus in Aquarius, Cancer ascendant, Saturn in Virgo. 

Myers-Briggs Type: INTP/ENTP (I’m 51% introvert, so it depends on the day)

Enneagram type: 5w4

Human Design: Manifestor

Things that make me do a happy dance: Travel (I’ll go just about anywhere!), my daughters' giggles, sushi, funky hair colors, amazing boots, great fantasy novels, my clients' world-rocking ideas. 

Titles I claim in my spare time: Inspirational speaker, catalyst for kick-ass female entrepreneurs, retreat leader, yoga instructor, integrative philosopher, landscape photographer, dragon tamer, magical faerie goddess. (No, I'm not kidding. Not even about the dragons.)

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NOTE: I’m currently taking only high-level ghostwriting projects, so if you’re in the market for book coaching or editing work, Rebecca is your girl! >>>


Rebecca van Laer, Chief Editor

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Hi! I’m Rebecca. Nice to meet you! I have ten years of experience helping other writers bring their visions to life. I’ve taught writing to undergraduate students at Boston University, Brown University, and Baruch College, as well as worked with dozens of authors on projects ranging from short stories and essays to Amazon best-selling books. 

A writer myself, my work appears or is forthcoming in TriQuarterlyHobartVol. 1 BrooklynSalamanderJellyfish Review, Monkeybicycle, Breadcrumbs Magazine, The Cimarron Review, Crab Creek ReviewDMQ ReviewFlatmancrooked’s Slim Volume of Contemporary PoeticsThe Battered SuitcaseDenver Syntax, Specs, and elsewhere. Critical essays, book reviews, and interviews appear in PloughsharesElectric Literaturethe Iowa ReviewHobartand Mantis. I’m also the author of a chapbook, Don’t Nod.

I hold a B.A in English from Cornell University and a Ph.D. in English from Brown University. I have received support for my writing and research from the New York State Summer Writers Institute, the University of Minnesota Libraries, and the Dolores Zohrab Liebmann Fund.

Everything you really need to know about me

Where I'm from: New York City.

Where I live: After stints in Boston, MA, Providence, RI, and New Orleans, LA, I’m calling Brooklyn home.

Cat Mama to: Gus and Toby, two perfect princes.

Astrology: Aquarius Sun, Scorpio Rising, and Virgo Moon with some heavy Capricorn influence thrown in.

Myers-Briggs Type: ENFJ

Enneagram type: 3w4

Human Design: Projector

Things that make me do a happy dance: seasonal fruit, natural wine, travel (anywhere/everywhere/as much as possible!), finding the perfect swimming hole, discovering a new author who inspires me, zero-waste versions of my favorite products, seeing my clients achieve their dreams.

Titles I claim in my spare time: yoga instructor, amateur baker, environmentalist, house plant expert & aspiring arborist, teacher/tutor, wordsmith.

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