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Jeannie Spiro, Business Coach

Have you been wanting an easier way to attract more of your ideal clients? Want a better lead generation system that helps you get more sales conversations? In this free guide, "7 Easy Ways to Use Speaking to Attract More Clients," you'll discover 7 easy ways to use speaking online and in person to attract more clients. Add these simple strategies to your marketing plan and fill your calendar with more sales conversations - all while growing your expert status and gaining visibility in your niche!

Deb Coman, Content Marketing Strategist

Deb Coman is a content marketing strategist, copywriter, and speaker empowering entrepreneurs and authors to strategically use content to add value, prompt engagement, and build relationships that lead to more business and book sales. (PS: Deb is also a member of the Heart of Writing Team!) Check out her free download, 5 Steps to Marketing Your Unwritten Book, to learn how to build buzz about your world-changing book ... before it's even written!

Inspired Living Publishing

Share Your Story and Enhance Your Brand as a Best-selling Author!

Heart-centered Coaches, Therapists and Entrepreneurs! Learn more about Inspired Living Publishing’s high-visibility publishing and marketing programs and collaborative book projects. Over 220 female entrepreneurs are now best-selling authors thanks to ILP's collaborative and single-author book publishing programs. Claim your Visionary Female Author Gift Bundle which includes The Power of Collaborative Books to Grow Your List & Enhance Your Brand (PDF) and Transforming Lives and Inspiring Connection through the Power of Authentic Storytelling (MP3).

Aspire Magazine

Free Subscription + Sacred Gifts! Are you a woman on the path of self-discovery? Do topics such as gratitude, life purpose, feminine wisdom, Law of Attraction, natural health and wellness, success and mindset, and conscious business get you all flustered and excited? Then you’re in the right place! Celebrating 10 years of inspiring women to live deeper, more authentic and inspired lives, Aspire Magazine is the premiere inspirational digital magazine for women. Your FREE subscription includes six gorgeous issues a year, access to three years of archived issues, invitations to Masterclasses, and more. 

Boni Lonnsburry, Conscious Creation Expert

Everyone has beliefs about money. We have beliefs about everything. But unless you are already fully abundant and prosperous, there are probably some beliefs you’ll want to change.

Get "The Top 25 Limiting Money Beliefs & How to Change Them," and start allowing money to flow more freely into your life!

Dr. Debra L. Reble, Intuitive Psychologist 

This 4-part Soul-Hearted Living Sacred Meditation Series is your gift from Psychologist and Intuitive Debra L. Reble, PhD, author of Being Love: How Loving Yourself Creates Ripples of Transformation in Your Relationships and The World.  You’ll receive “Opening Your Heart to Your Authentic Self,” “Tapping into Your Inner Wisdom,” “Awakening to Your Divine Essence Within,” and her popular “Five Minute Heart-Opener for the Busy Woman.”

Donna Ashton, Passive Income Expert

You started your coaching business to life an abundant life. Now, it's time to make your brilliance work for YOU with passive income. Download The Entrepreneur's Passive Income Calculator to discover if your business is ready for passive income, calculate your monthly passive revenue, discover Donna's 3 Steps to start making passive income quickly so you can earn more while working less!

Patricia Young, Inner Prosperity Academy

What Is The Cost of Living Cautiously in Your Life? Part of being a human being is that we will constantly face fear in our lives. When we make our life choices and decisions from this state of “contracted awareness”, every step forward feels like an internal battle. In her free report, How to Use Fear as a Super Power to Fuel Courage, Patricia Young invites you to transform your life to the one you came here to live so you can share your greatness and make a positive impact to the world. 

Laura Clark, Master Soul Coach

Claim your free E-book, Using Journaling to Tap into Your Own Inner GPS, from Master Soul Coach Laura Clark! Discover how to easily access your own truth and courage through your Sacred Pen to boldly step through life’s challenges. Dive deeper to develop your skills and intuition with the sacred bonuses and live an abundant, joy-filled life.  

Shann Vander Leek, Podcast Coach

Do you want to begin recording audio but don't know where to begin?  Download "How to Create Basic Recording Studio for Under $50" by Podcast Coach and Producer Shann Vander Leek. She created this special report to teach you everything you need to now to begin recording your podcast, meditation, or product promotion today! 

Prema Lee Gurreri, Founder of Soulutionary

Discover Your Wealth Creating Superpower (yes, you have one!) with the Sacred Wealth Archetype Quiz! Use this tool to unlock one of your Sacred Wealth Code Archetypes and unleash your power, purpose, and prosperity. When you take the Quiz, you'll also receive a copy of Prema's Soul Wisdom Meditation & 7 Day Action Guide and Journal!

Lore Raymond, Spiritual Tour Guide

Feeling stuck or overwhelmed with your writing or creative project? Writer’s block can be an unwelcome and uninvited guest. Why not take 18 minutes and engage with just one of the inspiring activities in this free offering, "5 Journal Adventures to Recharge Your Creativity," from Lore Raymond? Before long you’ll be saying, “Take a vacay!” to your writer's block. Promise.

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Thinking about self-publishing your book? Learn the tree simple strategies that Online Marketing Strategist Suzanne T. Moore uses to help her clients create #1 best-selling book launches on Amazon! 

Katie Mazzocco's "Organized Launch Checklist" is a list of the 222 EXACT pieces of information, technology & design you need to develop to execute a successful launch. Whether you're planning a simple or complex launch, this checklist will help you stop the chaos and launch. Download The Organized Launch Checklist now.

Are you ready to clear the patterns that keep you trapped and invoke the power to create the life of happiness and harmony you crave? Download The Four Gateways of Personal Power from Katt Tozier and learn how cleansing and balancing your four energy systems aligns you with your personal power frequency and allows you to manifest exactly what you want.

Would you like to have a list chock full of readers waiting to buy your book?

Ready to ramp up your marketing strategy and generate leads on autopilot?

If so, download Tameka Allen's free checklist to help you create high converting Facebook ads in your business.

Manifest your DESIRES utilizing New Moon energy with the New Moon Manifestation Record from Lisa Marie RosatiThe NEW MOON is a powerful time to support new beginnings, set new goals or start a new endeavor.  The New Moon Manifestation Record has beautifully designed worksheets crafted to help you manifest your dreams MONTHLY! 

In this free Akashic Records Masterclass Series, Jami Hearn explores how the challenges of the past can restrict us in our life today. You will learn what the Akashic Records are and how you can use them to create the life you desire! BONUS: As additional videos are released, they will be sent to all subscribers, as an additional gift!

Jeannette Koczela is the founder of the International Association of Professional Life Coaches® (IAPLC). In her free report, "How Solopreneurs Can Get Quality Leads Every Month Without Spending a Dime," you'll discover where to find the best source of consistent leads for your business without spending a dime, how to find 30-60 leads every month that you can turn into clients, and what to do with those leads once you get them. 

Would you like to free yourself of your habitual patterns? Would you like more peaceful relationships? What if you had a map that guided you to a deeper and compassionate understanding of your unconscious patterns? The Enneagram is a powerful tool for bringing more consciousness into our lives and our relationships. Download 6 Life-Changing Reasons Why Knowing Your Enneagram Type Matters from Catherine Hayes and begin your journey of deep self-discovery by learning about the Enneagram.

When we try to cook a great dish or dessert without following a recipe, our finished product often turns out to be something the neighbor’s dog wouldn't eat. However, when we take the time to follow a recipe step by step, we can serve up something amazing. Your finances are no different. In Michelle Jacobik's e-book, “5 Key Ingredients To Financial Freedom,” she'll show you how to take control of your finances and create the stability and financial freedom you desire. 

It’s time to tap into your inner wisdom, embrace your authentic voice, and transform your life. In Unlock the Power of YOU! A 3-Part Video Course from Lizete Moraisyou’ll learn the 3 most common blocks to the joy and abundance you desire, the number one way to create amazing relationships, and the number one reason most people struggle through transformation and how to overcome it.  When you unlock the power of YOU— life begins to flow with ease and grace.

It's time to join Ann Sanfelippo to find out, "What's Your Wealth Attractor Factor." In this free webinar presentation, you'll learn what is stopping you from manifesting the life of your dreams! You have the key to manifest your deepest desires, learn the true definition of wealth, and discover how the limiting beliefs from your childhood circle of influence are sabotaging your success today.

Our chakras are the energy centers of our body. Take this fun Chakra Quiz from Erin Esser to see how healthy your chakras are and learn simple ways to help balance them!  

Fall in love again - with YOU! With self-love comes natural abundance and the ability to relax into life and allow in the gifts that are already there for us. In this free chapter from Reba Linker's best-selling journal, Imagine Self-Love, you'll discover that we each have the potential to live a life of wonder and beauty. We only need to allow it in! 

It IS possible to go through your breakup or separation in a positive, self-loving way that opens a path to your happy future. The best way to start is to avoid the 3 Biggest Mistakes People Make in a Separation. Eveline Jurry, best-selling author and creator of the Positive Separation Method, shares her proven wisdom in this free download.  

Do you know an elder who struggles with technology? Do you want to show them how easy it is to make calls on their smartphone, just as with their landline and old flip-phone, and do so much more, too? With Barbara Barry's free report, 3 Fantastic Things to Do with Your Smartphone, anyone can learn how to access all that a smartphone can do, and unlock many ways to simplify life, connect with loved ones, and have fun with technology!

Have you ever had a writing deadline and found yourself completely blocked or procrastinating?  Marybeth Eyler's 5 Steps to Power-up your Writing Productivity will provide productivity strategies and mind-body techniques to help you reach your writing goals with joy and ease!   

Discover how overwhelmed individuals who lack balance in their lives from all over the world immediately create space in their lives and eliminate stress. 

This FREE Quickstart Guide from The Balance Maven, Jennifer Flynn, shows you the blueprint to a lifestyle of YOUR own design and how to implement them in just 7 easy steps!

Bring more abundance & clarity to your life by connecting with the energy of your home, creating a vision for your space, and implementing an action plan to clutter-clear and arrange your home & life. Get Felicia D'Haiti's “Get Clear on Your Space Feng Shui Starter Kit,” including audio & eGuide TODAY!

Intentional wellness is the process of using intention to transform your spirit, mind and body. Take the first step on your intentional wellness by completing the Integrative Health and Wellness Assessment ™, designed by Dr. Taura Barr

How do you navigate a creative plateau? Download "The Top 6 Tips Creative Can Learn from Sports" from Michelle Griffith of Mane Rise Coaching. Open yourself to the possibilities of Creative Cross Training and spark some forward momentum!

By Choosing to Heal after a significant loss we are setting the stage for our transformational journey through grief. In her FREE Guide: "Ten Self-Care Practices While Grieving," Kara Hope Clark offers a road map to guide you through this most tender and challenging time of your life’s passage.

Many people are not good at negotiating because they do not prepare mentally before they get into a negotiation situation. By researching the other party and the market as well as delving deep into your limiting beliefs, you can achieve your true value in any negotiation, personal or professional.  This "Negotiations Know-How" workbook from Beth Carter walks you through all the steps.

Have you ever been in a situation where you wanted to do the polite thing, but weren’t sure what that was? In Eight Etiquette Dilemmas – Eight Solutions, etiquette expert Janet Parnes will teach you how to navigate through some of life’s tricky moments. You won’t have to worry about your next move. You’ll make it with confidence!