You've put your heart and soul into your writing project. Now, let us help you take it to the next level! 

Editing & Proofreading

Manuscript Review & Consultation with Bryna

$699 for up to 250 pages

If you've already completed your manuscript and aren't sure which additional services you'll need to bring your project to completion, this is the perfect way to explore your options! I will personally read and review your manuscript, make suggestions regarding content, flow, and clarity, and help you choose a manuscript development path that will help you create the most powerful and compelling version of your book. 


Line Editing

5¢ per word and up. 

Line editing addresses your content line by line, delving into sentence and paragraph structure, flow, language use, clarity, and readability. It will also address typos, misused words, and grammatical issues. This is a vital editing service that ensures that your book, e-book, or proposal project delivers your big ideas in the most accessible, reader-friendly, and professional way.


1.5¢ per word

Perfect grammar and spelling are essential to good writing, but it's often difficult to spot errors in your own work. Grammatical errors (e.g., the dreaded misplaced apostrophe!), typos, and formatting errors decrease the perceived value of your work. My team of expert proofreaders can help you ensure that your manuscript, proposal, web copy, and marketing materials are error-free and professionally polished. 

Need the works? Combine our professional line editing and proofreading services and receive a 10% discount!


Content/Developmental editing

Rates start at $85/hour

Do you need help developing your content, organizing existing material, or compiling the various elements of your book into a user-friendly format? Our expert content development services can help! We will work with you through each step of your creation process, and ensure that your finished work is top-notch and ready for readers to devour. 

Need the works? Combine this service with our professional line editing and proofreading services and receive a 15% discount!


Rates start at $85/hour

No matter what the subject matter, any written work should be well-organized and well-structured. My team of talented, experienced editors can help you streamline and refine your non-fiction book, book proposal, article, or blog post. Every effort is made to preserve your unique voice and tone. 

Writing & Content Creation

Content Creation

$85/hour and up. Prices can also be quoted per article. 

Do you need quality content for your blog, e-zine, magazine, or newsletter? Look no further than The Heart of Writing's Content Creation services! A member of the Team can take your ideas, information, and sales language and turn them into polished, accessible copy that will get you noticed. 

The initial consultation/brainstorming session allows you to speak directly to both Bryna and the Team member who will be producing your content. This is a great way to discuss ideas and let us get to know your brand, energy, and communication style.


Fees vary per project

Do you have an idea for a brilliant, informative non-fiction book, but no time to write? Have you accumulated head-high stacks of notes and research, but can't seem to put words on the page? Do you desire the expert status in your field that only a book can confer? Then this service is for you!

Through in-person/Skype or phone interviews, regular feedback exchanges, and several rounds of revision utilizing your input, I and my team will craft a professional, engaging book that truly brings your ideas to life. This service may also include research and interviews. 

Due to the extensive time commitment required, I only select 1-3 ghostwriting clients per year. If you are interested in this service, please contact me to set up an interview. 

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